At Utah Pediatric Dentists, our team is committed to creating a comfortable and kid-friendly environment while offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and bright. While our Sedation Dentistry and Frenectomy are among our standout services, we offer a variety of other essential treatments and care. Let’s explore each one!

Sedation Dentistry

At Utah Pediatric Dentists, we understand that a trip to the dentist’s office can sometimes make kids a bit anxious. That’s why we offer the magic of Sedation Dentistry – it’s like a dental fairytale come true! So, let’s dive into this enchanting world and see how it works.

Imagine getting a special potion, but instead of a magic spell, it’s a safe and calming medicine. We prescribe oral sedatives for kids who may be a tad nervous about dental procedures. Sometimes, these can be taken at home, like a secret bedtime elixir to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep before the big dental adventure. Or, they can be taken right before heading to our office, so your little hero arrives calm and ready to face the dental dragon! It’s perfect for those youngsters who might have trouble sitting still during their appointment.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry: A Heroic Quest!

At Utah Pediatric Dentists, we’re on a mission to change the way kids see the dentist! Our dental wizards, also known as pediatric dentists, have undergone rigorous training (3-4 years extra!) and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and potions for pediatric sedation dentistry. We offer three incredible sedation options right in our office:

  • Oral Sedation: A sprinkle of magic dust for a relaxed and awake experience.
  • Nitrous Oxide: The giggle gas that makes kids feel super comfy.
  • Intravenous Sedation: Taking a journey to the land of dreams.

We’re safety wizards too. We carefully consider your child’s medical history, and any medications, vitamins, or magical potions they’re currently taking. We then match it with their age and development to ensure the right dosage. 


Is your little one facing the challenge of a tongue tie or lip tie? This can lead to a series of issues, including difficulties with breastfeeding, picky eating in early childhood, digestive problems, improper jaw development, speech troubles, and even obstructive sleep apnea, especially in the case of tongue ties.

But fear not, intrepid parents! Utah Pediatric Dentists is here to set those smiles free and provide the solution your child needs through a pediatric laser lip tie or tongue tie treatment, also known as a frenectomy procedure. 

Laser Frenectomies: A Trustworthy Adventure

When it comes to laser frenectomy, parents, pediatricians, and lactation specialists trust our team of dentists to provide the safest and most effective treatments available in Bountiful, Taylorsville, and Herriman. Whether it’s an infant tongue tie or a lip tie in a baby, we have a wealth of experience in these procedures, and families often travel from far and wide for our safe and effective frenulum cut laser treatments.

But it’s not just that which sets us apart. We’ve invested in cutting-edge soft tissue dentistry equipment, including the CO2 laser from LightScalpel. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that your child’s frenectomy experience is as comfortable and seamless as possible.

CO2 Laser Frenectomy: Where Magic Meets Medicine

What makes CO2 laser frenectomy truly enchanting is the way it operates. Unlike diode lasers, which effectively “burn” the soft tissue away, our LightScalpel CO2 laser gently “vaporizes” the tissue. This means less discomfort for your child during the healing process, as it doesn’t damage surrounding tissues or generate excess heat.

The magic continues as the CO2 laser essentially “seals” the minor capillaries, reducing bleeding to a minimum or even eliminating it altogether. This sealing effect also helps to prevent infection, making CO2 laser frenectomy a safer and more comfortable option compared to traditional methods involving scissors or scalpels.

So, why put your child through unnecessary discomfort and risks when you can choose the magical world of CO2 laser frenectomy at Utah Pediatric Dentists? 

Dental Sealants

Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Dental sealants are a protective coating applied to your child’s molars and premolars. They act as a barrier against decay-causing bacteria, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene habits.

Picture this, your teeth are like brave knights guarding a castle (your mouth), and they wear special armor to protect themselves from the forces of decay and cavities. Now, let’s talk about the two types of armor in the dental kingdom: Sealants and Fillings!

In a nutshell, sealants are your knights’ invisibility cloaks, shielding them from harm, while fillings are the trusty blacksmiths who repair any battle damage. Sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth, they’re all about prevention. So, Both are essential in the quest for a healthy, cavity-free smile!


A pulpotomy is a specialized treatment for deep cavities that have reached the pulp (nerve) of a baby tooth. Picture this, your tooth is a tiny castle with a secret treasure chamber deep within, and this treasure chamber is called the “pulp.” It’s where all the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels hang out. But here’s the twist: sometimes, nasty invaders called cavities try to sneak into the castle. They drill tiny holes in the castle walls (the enamel) and start causing trouble inside.

When your child’s tooth starts hurting and they complain about it, it’s like the tooth’s way of sending a distress signal to the kingdom. That’s when our heroic dentists step in! They become the knights in shining armor, ready to save the day with a “therapeutic pulpotomy.”

A pulpotomy is like a magical rescue mission inside the tooth. Our brave dentists journey into the castle (the tooth) to deal with the troublemakers (the cavities) and soothe the nerves. They fix everything up, making the tooth happy and pain-free again.


If your child has a severely damaged or decayed tooth, our dental crowns can restore its strength and function. Our pediatric dentists use crowns made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and a natural appearance.

So if your tooth is a tiny castle, and sometimes it faces dragon-sized problems like cavities or cracks. That’s when the dental wizards swoop in and craft a custom-made dental crown, like a magical helmet, to protect and strengthen your tooth. But the best part? Your tooth gets to choose the color and style, making it feel like a toothy superhero in its very own castle fashion show. With its new crown, your tooth is ready to rule the kingdom of your mouth, chewing, chomping, and smiling with confidence!

Composite Fillings

When cavities occur, our tooth-colored composite fillings are a perfect choice. These fillings are not only strong and durable but also blend seamlessly with the natural tooth color, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result. As we mentioned above, think of fillings as the repair crew for your knights’ armor. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, the knights might get a little chink in their armor (a cavity). That’s when the dental wizards step in and use fillings to patch things up. 


Losing a tooth is like a rite of passage in the grand adventure of growing up! It’s like finding buried treasure in the backyard of childhood. When your child discovers a wiggly tooth, it’s like stumbling upon a hidden gem. They’ll wiggle and jiggle, and sometimes, they become little tooth explorers, helping that tooth become extra loose and ready to pop out. But sometimes—due to severe decay, infection, or crowding issues—teeth need a little nudge from the dental heroes at South Davis Pediatric Dentistry. 

So, bring your little wizards to Utah Pediatric Dentists, where smiles get a sprinkle of magic and dental adventures are always enchanting!