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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comprehensive dental services children of all ages from infant to adolescence, of all needs including special needs, in a compassionate and caring manner. Our pediatric dental professionals are educated, experienced, and specially trained to provide dental hygiene education and dental services in a fun and inviting environment that will ensure your child has a positive experience in our offices.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to see happy and healthy smiles in all the children of our communities. That no child be prevented from receiving dental care due to fear, anxiety, cost, accessibility, or convenience.

Who We are

We are men and women working together with a common goal. We believe that your child’s smile can be happy and healthy. We believe that a trip to the dentist can be comfortable and fun for your child. We are pediatric dentists in Utah, serving our communities in four different locations. We care about our pediatric patients outside of business hours. If ever your child needs emergency dental care, call us right away! 

Where You Can Find Us

We serve Davis County and North Salt Lake area. Our pediatric dentists include; Dr. Jason Horgesheimer, Dr. Chuck Odion and Dr. Walker Clark.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Our Experience

    Our pediatric dentists have all completed the rigorous extra two years training required to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Combined, our pediatric dentists and their professional dental staff have successfully performed more than 30,000 in office sedations, have accumulated more than 40 years of professional experience, and have provided dental services to 10,000 children over the years. To better acquaint yourself with each of our pediatric dentists, click here to read their life stories.

  • Our Focus

    We are believers in the power of prevention. We focus on educating our pediatric patients and their parents on the importance of routine dental hygiene. This focus to preventative care contributes directly to the well-being of every child. Preventative care serves to maximize a child’s overall health, and minimize the necessity of more invasive dental procedures.

  • Our Technology

    We educate ourselves and invest in the latest technologies and equipment that allow us to provide dental services in the least invasive ways possible, and further assist with our focus of prevention. For example, we have LightScalpel C02 laser technology that is the best to fix tongue and lip ties (frenectomies) because it facilitates fast healing with the minimum discomfort.

  • Our Compassion

    Our pediatric dentists are all family men. As fathers, they are able to relate not only to the children that come in for dental services, but can also connect with parents, understanding concerns and fears that any parent may have. This ability to connect with compassion allows us assess accurately the needs of our pediatric patients and their families in order to provide a positive experience.

  • Our Staff

    Each member of our support staff, whether performing dental medical duties or administrative duties all believe in our mission and our vision. They are warm, caring, fun, and understanding. If you read through what people have to say about us on our google reviews, you will see lots of comments about our amazing staff as well as our pediatric dentists. Our staff is the best!

  • Our Accessibility

    We have locations set up in four different communities, all conveniently located to make it easy for you to come to us. Read on for more information about each of our locations.

  • Our Atmosphere

    Each of our locations have been specially designed to be warm and inviting for families to feel comfortable while they wait for their appointments, and designated play areas, themed rooms, and large fish tanks with beautiful fish, all add an aura of whimsy and playfulness.

  • Our Partnerships

    We believe in the importance of staying current on new technologies, methodologies and information in our field. As such, we have partnered with various associations in the field of dentistry to ensure we are always bringing the best service to our pediatric patients and their parents. Click here for more information about our partnerships.

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