Unveiling the Magic of Dental Crowns: A Tale of Smiles and Protection

Once upon a time, in the enchanting kingdom of dental health, there lived a remarkable hero known as the Dental Crown. This noble protector took on the shape of a tooth, like a tailor crafting a custom-made suit, and placed itself over the tooth to shield it from any further harm or mischief. The secret to its strength lay in a magical process where tooth crown materials were mixed, molded, and hardened in a mysterious lab.

But the magic didn’t stop there! These crowns were designed to blend seamlessly with their neighboring teeth, much like chameleons changing their colors to match their surroundings. Porcelain crowns, in particular, had a unique advantage – they could be tinted to mimic the exact shade of nearby teeth. 

Dental Crown Wonders

Now, let’s embark on a quest to uncover the mystical procedure behind these dental crown wonders. It was a two-part adventure! In the first chapter, the tooth had to be prepared. This involved a dental wizard performing X-rays to understand the lay of the land. An impression of your child’s mouth was also taken as a magical map. Then, with the skill of a master craftsman, they filed the tooth, removing any damage and reshaping it to welcome the crown. Another impression was made, but this time, it was for the crown itself. A temporary crown was crafted for the tooth, ensuring it stayed safe until the permanent crown was ready in the lab.

The second chapter of this dental fairy tale was scheduled for when the crown was complete. The temporary crown was removed, and the tooth was given a thorough cleaning and preparation. The fit of the crown was double-checked to ensure it was a perfect match for the tooth. With a wave of their wand – or maybe just a dab of dental cement – the dental wizard placed the crown on the tooth and sealed it in place.

Now, you might ask, “Was this magical quest painful?” Fear not, for the dental wizards were experts in their endeavors. They applied magical local anesthesia to the area before beginning their work, ensuring there was no discomfort during the procedure. But they also knew that each hero (or in this case, patient) had a unique journey, filled with different emotions and fears. So, they offered four different sedation options, making sure that every child’s experience was tranquil and comfortable.

The Enchanted Journey of a Dental Crown’s Lifespan

In the mystical realm of dental health, where smiles sparkle like treasure, the lifespan of a dental crown is a tale filled with twists and turns. These magical crowns can grace a tooth for anywhere from five to 15 years or even longer, but their destiny is influenced by a host of factors.

In this enchanted realm, your actions are the key to a longer-lasting crown. Practicing proper dental hygiene, embarking on brave quests to the dentist for regular checkups, and indulging in professional cleanings are all within your control, ensuring that your child’s dental crown shines for years to come. But beware, for lurking in the shadows are foes that seek to shorten the crown’s journey. Teeth-grinding dragons, gum disease trolls, nail-biting ogres, jaw-clenching giants, and those who wield teeth as tools to open bottles and packages can all hasten the crown’s retreat.

Our quest, dear parents and young adventurers is to empower you with the knowledge to safeguard your child’s dental treasure. We beg you to forge healthy dental hygiene routines in your homes and to be mindful of the treacherous temptations that lurk in the form of sugary snacks, sodas, and juices.

Now, let us unveil the mystical world of Dental Crowns for Kids, where the path to dental restoration takes shape. In certain daring quests, when a child’s tooth is more perilously decayed or damaged than a composite filling or pulpotomy can mend, we may embark on a grand adventure with a dental crown.

Your Child’s Crowned Options: A Magical Choice

Here at South Davis Pediatric Dentistry, we offer two illustrious types of crowns, each with its own unique magic. Our arsenal includes the formidable stainless steel crowns and the elegant porcelain crowns.

The Mighty Stainless Steel Crown: Hidden Strength

When the tooth in question lies in the shadows, hidden from immediate view, we often call upon the mighty stainless steel crown. Its strength is legendary, capable of withstanding the mightiest of bites and chews. It guards the natural structure of the tooth and rarely falls prey to the chipping or cracking that plagues lesser crowns.

The Whimsical Porcelain Crown: Aesthetic Elegance

Yet, the metallic visage of the stainless steel crown may not be for all. Some adventurers seek a more aesthetically pleasing path, and for them, the porcelain crown is the answer. These elegant crowns wear a white, pearly visage, making them the favored choice for teeth that grace the frontlines of the smile battle.

And so, dear travelers in the realm of dental wonder, you are armed with the knowledge to make wise choices for your child’s oral adventures. Whether it’s the resilient strength of stainless steel or the enchanting elegance of porcelain, each crown holds its own magic, ready to protect and adorn their precious smiles.

The Post-Crown Dental Quest: Guarding the Treasures Within

In the kingdom of dental adventures, once your child’s tooth is graced with a gleaming dental crown, a new chapter of care begins. Fear not, for it’s a quest your child can embark upon with confidence!

First, a word of caution – for a few days, we recommend steering clear of sticky, chewy candies. Think of it as a grace period for the crown to settle into its new role as guardian of the tooth. But aside from this short candy hiatus, life should return to its usual rhythm.

Now, let us turn our attention to the heroic guardians of your child’s oral realm – the gums! The dental crown, valiant as it is, doesn’t extend its protection to the gum. So, like vigilant knights, we must ensure that healthy gums are safeguarded. This requires the continuation of a twice-daily routine: brushing with a fluoride toothpaste for a full two minutes and embarking on a daring quest of flossing at least once a day.

With these noble habits firmly in place, your child’s dental health shall flourish, and their smile will continue to shine brightly in the realm of dental wonders.

And so, dear adventurers in the world of dental enchantment, we’ve unveiled the mysteries of dental crowns and their noble quest to protect and beautify. Remember, as your child’s smile continues to sparkle, these dental treasures stand ready, guarding their precious teeth with unwavering valor. As you navigate the journey of oral health, may your child’s smile be as radiant as a dragon’s hoard, and may their dental adventures be filled with joy and wonder!