Come in and celebrate National Dentist’s Day with us by showing your pediatric dentists how you prioritize your children’s oral health. Dentist’s Day falls on March 6th every year and while this time last year we were closed due to pandemic restrictions, we’re happy to be able to look back on a year full of trials, changes, and joys while being grateful this year is already better than the last!

A Little History About Pediatric Dentistry

The profession of dentistry can be dated all the way back to the year 7000 B.C. Despite its ancient origins, it wasn’t until the 1700s that it gained significant formal attention and developed into a more specific profession.

In the early 1700s a book was published outlining a specific and thorough routine for dental hygiene titled “The Surgeon Dentist, a Treatise on Teeth”. The book’s author Pierre, Fauchard furthermore discovered the link between sugar and tooth decay.

1840 was the year of the first dental college, and in 1859 the American Dental Association was founded. It is only decades later that the profession of dentistry begins to take an active interest in pediatric dentistry. In 1913-1914 the Fones Clinic for Dental Hygienists in Connecticut began a program of sending its female students into public schools to clean children’s teeth. In Los Angeles, California around that same time, the first dental clinic for kids was opened by dental hygienist Minnie Evangeline Jordan. She went on to publish the first English book on pediatric dentistry in 1924.

In 1940, pediatric dentistry was finally recognized as its own specialty of dentistry. Less than a decade later, in 1947, the American Academy of Pedodontics was founded. The American Academy of Pedodontics would later become replaced by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. This decade also saw the first city to add fluoride to the water supply, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1945.

In the 1950s more children began to visit the dentist annually, and in the 60s the federal government creates the Pediatric Dentistry Training Program due to the rise in need of specially trained dentists. Moreover, in the 60s dental sealants are developed to help reduce cavities in children.

In the 1980s a children’s book is published teaching children about the dentist, your kids might be familiar even today with the characters of the book. “The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist” showed children what to expect when visiting the dentist and taught them about having their teeth cleaned and checked for cavities and even the tools a dentist uses.

In 2000, the Surgeon General released the first-ever Oral Health in America Report, and the American Dental Association endorsed the comprehensive oral healthcare plan for children starting before the age of one year old.

Celebrate Dentist’s Day with Us

As you can see, pediatric dentistry has come a long way and in not so very much time! Our specialty profession is only around a century old, and yet we know so much now about how to take care of children’s dental health and work to see more happy and healthy smiles in our communities.

For Dentist’s Day, what our pediatric dentists really want is to see happy healthy smiles. Tag our Instagram accounts with your kids’ healthy smiles #NationalDentistsDay. Other ways you can celebrate with us include:

  • Commit to prioritizing your children’s dental hygiene by establishing morning and nighttime brushing routines.
  • Set an example to your kids of good dental habits by taking care of your own dental health.
  • Encourage family members and friends to place importance on their children’s oral health, and spread the word of your favorite pediatric dentist.
  • Make dentist appointments for each of your kids in one of our four convenient locations; professional cleanings and checkups are an integral part of preventive care, don’t wait for complaints of pain!
  • Give us a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Dental Facts: Did You Know?

  1. U.S. News & World Report releases an annual ranking of the 100 Best Jobs, and dentist consistently ranks very highly. For this year, Dentist ranked ninth place, for 2020 Dentist ranked second place, 2019 fourth, and in 2017 first. (We are not surprised by this, we love being pediatric dentists!)
  2. You should replace toothbrushes every three to four months.
  3. On average, Americans spend 38.5 days of their lifetimes brushing their teeth.
  4. In the year 1950, the average amount left under pillows from the Tooth Fairy was 25 cents. (How much are you leaving under pillows?)
  5. Your bite is super strong, on average a person can bite down with 200 pounds of pressure!
  6. The majority of Americans drink at least one sugary drink daily and adolescents and young adults are the heaviest consumers.
  7. A 20 ounce Coca-Cola has upwards of 16 teaspoons of sugar in it.
  8. Most dental insurance plans will cover two standard cleanings per year. If you aren’t sure about your plan, let us know.
  9. Giraffes only have teeth on their lower jaw.
  10. If chewing gum gets stuck in your hair, you might not have to cut it out. Instead of reaching for the scissors, grab the peanut butter. The peanut butter will help lift the gum from the hairs.

Come in For a Cleaning and Walk Out with a Gift Card

That’s right, we’re offering all our patients who book a dental cleaning a 25$ gift card. This offer is valid through April, but don’t wait to get your appointment booked. Give us a call and schedule your kids at one of our four locations, we want to see you!