It’s important that you find a pediatric dentist for the oral and dental care of your kids.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to interact with infants, kids, teens, and youths with special needs, and to provide services specific to the size, shape, and issues that are special to kids. A pediatric dentist completes an additional two years of education and training to make them uniquely qualified to take care of your kids’ dental health.

That information is helpful perhaps in understanding why you need a pediatric dentist for your kids, but it still begs two important questions: Firstly, “How Do I Find a Kids Dentist Near Me?” and secondly, “What Do I Look for in a Good Pediatric Dentist?”

We’ve put together some tips to help you answer both those questions. Without further ado, here you go!

Tips to Find the Best Kids Dentist Near You

  1. Talk to Your Dentist

Hopefully as a busy adult you have still managed to keep up with your own positive dental habits including a biannual checkup and cleaning with your chosen dentist. If you feel good about the culture, environment, and capability of your own dentist, ask if they know of any pediatric dentists in the area that they know professionally. Pediatric dentists are often connected to the communities and therefore also other dental professionals.

  1. Ask Your Friends and/or Neighbors

Your friends and neighbors who have kids may have already done the legwork in finding a pediatric dentist that their kids feel comfortable with. See what they have to say, and ask more than one. Maybe there will be a pediatric dentist or two who pop up more often in your friends’ referrals than not.

  1. Search it Online

Type the words “pediatric dentist near me” into your browser. If your browser is set to know your location, the search results will give you a list of pediatric dentists on a map so you can see how many there are and how near or far. 

Alternatively, you can visit and adjust your search radius for how far you are willing to travel.

  1. Take Time to Read Reviews

While I recommend that you do more than read reviews in order to make an informed decision, they still serve an important part of the process. You can find reviews on google, and yelp. Take the time to read more than just the bad ones. You can also learn from the responses: if the pediatric dentist responds, in what manner they respond etc.

  1. Visit a Few Pediatric Dentist Offices

You should do this whether you have a list of four offices or only one. Pop in to the dentist office or offices that you are considering. Have a quick look around, what does the waiting room or play area look like. It doesn’t necessarily matter how big the area is, but is it clean? Are the toys that are available broken? How do the staff members interact with the children and parents? How is the atmosphere? Does it feel warm and welcoming? How does the receptionist respond to your entry? Are you greeted? Are you made to feel welcome?

  1. Check out their Website

Usually, a website will have an “About Us” page. Take a look and see if the website can give you an idea of what the office looks like if you haven’t already visited it. Some websites will include information about their pediatric dentists, a biography of sorts. The website can be particularly important if you have a child with a specific dental concern. Not all pediatric dentists are trained and equipped to handle in-office sedation services for example. The website is a quick way to see if they can perform the services you require.

What to Look for in a Good Pediatric Dentist

  1. Credentials

 You want to be sure the pediatric dentist you are considering has the appropriate credentials. Pediatric dentists do an extra two years of specialized training and education to earn the special credential of pediatric dentist.

  1. Office Atmosphere

This is where the office visit comes in and knowing the personality of your own child. Is the atmosphere friendly and welcoming? Does it feel chaotic? Is it clean? Do the staff seem comfortable and competent? How do the staff interact with the children and the parents waiting?

  1. Patient Responses

Take a moment to notice the kids and their parents who are walking back to the waiting room, or exiting the building. What is their demeanor?

  1. Prevention Focused

Browsing through their website and asking questions should give you an idea about this one. Prevention is a key building block to dental health in children. Find a pediatric dentist who cares about prevention, this can be observed by looking at the services they provide. Routine cleanings are a more obvious part of prevention. However, dental sealants, and fluoride varnishes are also prevention focused services. Additionally, a pediatric dentist who can perform in-office sedation services is important, particularly if you have a child who has exhibited some dental anxiety.

We hope this has helped you feel informed and ready to make a choice to ensure quality dental care for your kids. Our pediatric dentists are highly trained, and integrated members of their communities. Our practice provides dental care for children in the Salt Lake City, and undoubtedly one of our four locations is near you

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